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Artisan Josh is a Certified Master Tradesman, Contractor, Artisan, and Muralist, with 21 years of in-trade, and on-site experience in the Design, Construction, and Fabrication Fields.

I spent the first 38 years of my life accumulating stuff, copious amounts of stuff, and not really experiencing anything. Grinding daily in a cyclonic routine. My efforts for years resulted in the corporate world getting richer by the second as I struggled to make enough to cover bills. Picking up a National Geographic, and flipping through the pages….wishing beyond words that I could be there to experience it, real life, in the flesh…. instead of through the pages of a magazine. So I sold it. All of it…house, car, business, furniture, personals, everything.

I kept my tools of course! Armed with 21 years of Residential & Business Services Contracting Experience- I built myself a tiny house on wheels. The day I finished it was the day that I finally realized – I’m truly alive.

I speak highly of my house, and being on the road, but even more impressive than anything I’ve accomplished, is what the tiny house community has GIVEN me: A Family. A Happy Family. Those I’ve met on my travels, are by far the most sincere, sociable, eclectic, personable, intelligent, passionate, and motivated people I have ever met in my entire life. Living in a tiny house has more than exceeded my expectations. It is the people behind the tiny house movement, and community, that provide me a daily inspiration.

The only thing I regret about being in a tiny house: not doing it sooner.

Your Dreams + My Concepts = Our Reality

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